When did you start the selfeets club and why?

We realized our website two weeks ago, bearing in mind all the enthusiasts of the “selfeet”, one of the current digital photographic fancy, and their desire to share their photos on a dedicated portal.

We believe that taking photos of our feet contributes to create a new perspective on where we are, preferring to communicate our presence by means of our feet and the ground, instead of faces and traditional ways of thinking at landscapes. If someone enters in an ancient palace and takes a picture of his/her feet on a tiled floor, we believe that he/she is trying to communicate his/her own presence in a specific place, producing a creative map of his/her footprints. However, selfeet.club represents an open space where anyone can contribute with his/her own meanings and pictures. For instance, it can be a way of speaking about our roots as well.

Do you recall the first time you heard the selfeets hashtag used? Or floorcore?

I guess that I saw it on Instagram for the first time. We did not invent the hashtag #selfeet but, at this moment, the majority of posts related to it comes from our profiles.

How many people send you foot/tile shots a day?

The website is brand-new and it is quite hard to define the exact number of people who are publishing photos on selfeet.club.

How many are up there currently?

Currently, there are a hundred of members.

Are the images from around the world? Have you received any from truly unusual places?

We received selfeets from all over the world, such as Europe, Japan, Thailand or Mexico.

What do you like about the selfeet composition, which is essentially anonymous because there are no faces shown?

Yes. A selfeet is anonymous. However, we believe that it shows numerous details of the people involved. The distinctive trait of the selfeet relays on the particulars. Moreover, we think that one selfeet tells a lot about the emotions related to a journey or a specific moment. One selfeet seems to communicate more than one selfie because it shares a creative jig saw of the member's personalities and his/her unusual perspective on the reality.

Is your site independently run? Do you scour images on instagram?

The website is independent. Members can upload photos from their computers and smartphone and selfeet.club is connected to all the other socials. However, the majority of our member's photos comes from Instagram, being the most important website of photo-sharing.

Why the most-popular votes? Is it just for fun?

The website-section “most-popular votes” has been created to let members vote other members' photos and to get votes, as well. This section creates a hint of competition that usually animates social networks. We believe that it will tempt our members to shoot perfect selfeets and, in the future, there will be several contests.

What its the most popular photo?

Currently, the most popular photo title is “L'audacia non è mai troppa” (Audacity is never too much), photographed by our friend, “Angie”. In this picture, she is walking on some geometric surface, made of bricks.

We are sure that this trend will get a feethold, always more!


Selfeet.Club the new social gallery designed exclusively for selfeet. What are you waiting? Share your #selfeet now!

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